Sunday, 3 May 2009

Can I have a dream even at the slightest??

mind you..this time it is all about football, nothing else

salam wbt.

I'm craving for talking about the champions league. What else left for us in this heavily injury-hampered season??dont you think so??Last Wednesday..we played away at Old Trafford.haha.After lots of hypes around the match(it almost like we are the one who will win..haha),it turned up that we were on the losing end on that particular was the 1st leg though.

There is a problem in particular that Mr Wenger need to emphasize come next Tuesday, it is the formation that he will deploy..either 4-5-1 or the famous 4-4-2..i personally prefer the latter..and as RVP will be fit again, that formation will be no problem =)) we need to at least score twice right?? And for this, the 4-5-1 is really a rubbish..haha.

If we lost this tie..we'll be without any silverware for four straight season..i can't imagine this..=(

History always repeat itself right? one way or the 1999..when Man U won the champions league..they were actually trailing to Juve in the semi. And the scoreline at Turin was 1-nil. When they played home at Old Trafford, with the inspirational captaincy of Roy Keane..Juve were totally outplayed and they lost 3 nil.. I hope Arsenal can muster something in order to do exactly as what Man U have done =)

I know the odds are against us..haha..but God willing

Im gunners for life.

This Tuesday..may the best team win('',)





Neo Rantissi said...

Bro! Man. United win the match!!! Cayalah Ronaldo! try lg next year :P

din said...


the game ended even before it started