Friday, 23 January 2009

english ku


im english is deteriorating each day this simply because im studying here in egypt..which make me less likely to use
english as much as possible??..dont think so..=)

a friend(indeed a damn good friend) said to me

"din,hang ni byk vocal yg hang tau,tp present berterabur jugak"

yeah i know..i tend to stutter whenever i present something(haha..ape la nak jd aku nih) take care of ur word..cant u advice me in a more motivating manner..

last week..we had a practical class on human right..along with 7 malaysian group,there was also a group consists of nigerians..damn..their english were so good..nigeria tu weiii...malu aahh

enough..enough..from now on..stop complaining..improve urself din..


to all alexandrians..Allah bada sa'a(in nigeria,this means good luck..haha) in our upcoming exams =p