Friday, 23 October 2009

mati hidup semula(butter)

i stumbled upon this song last night..
maybe because some of them are the old boys..i like their song..enjoy!!

bunyi pelik..tapi sedap pulak dengar berkali-kali..hehe

Saturday, 10 October 2009


sometimes you are SAD on how things turn out to be..

but bare in mind..Allah knows..

Friday, 2 October 2009

the season so far

my perspective

salam wbt going to talk about arsenal*love*

its been a while since the the kickoff of the new season began..and i do not write anything..why?
i'm actually assessing our team.really??if i write and talk a lot..i think that i'll end up mocked by others.everyone knows about its better for me to shut up and let them play their trade..

ok let's start.

for this new season our manager has adapt a new formation which is 4-3-3 instead of the famous 4-4-2..hehe..personally,i think it works..
wenger..sometimes you do have a midas touch =)
this kind of formation gives the players ample of space to play with and its easy to deceive defenders(seriously)..particularly for the winger..

so far..after 7 games..we've scored 24 goals..what about that??..we are the highest goal scoring team in the premier league..yeahh..keep it up.we're ranked 4th..6 points below the leader..with a game in hand..not bad huh??taking into consideration that we've already lose both our games away to the manchesters..

let's go deep into the team.

defenders..oh yeah..i know..we already sold kolo toure to man citeh for a good 15 mil pound..hehe..and we actually replace him with a relatively unknown defender.vermaelen.a 10mil puond far VERMINATOR gives a really good impression about himself.the partnership with gallas looks very solid..indeed it is.he's only 6ft tall yet his reading of the game is classy..

my only concern in this department is our left(out and out)wingback,clichy..
maybe his going into a bad start to the season..lets hope it'll end sooner rather than later. his mistakes proved to be so costly this season particularly in the game against citeh.

on to the midfielders..i really love this =)
actually our formation is not that rigid..its not that for the entire game..we'll have 3 midfielders bossing the game..when we are defending,its actually 4-5-1..yeah its that we are stronger..nice one wenger.
alex song seems to up a gear in his game compared to last season..his tackle were precise and there is less stupid mistakes.let's hope his run will continue.
and one more thing..i am really discontent with diaby..i think he is indeed our weekest link in this season so far..he keeps on losing possession..and he really pissed me off when he scored an own goal which eventually became the winner for united..pftss..

done with about the strikers..we sold adebayor..again to citeh for a fat 25 mil..haha..
critics wrote us off the title when we sold him..but dont they realise..we still have RVP,walcott,bendtner,arshavin,vela..thats too much..go away ade..go..haha
since we have scored 24 goals..i dont really miss you??nahh

i found out that earlier in the season..RVP was not really accustomed to the sole striker role..he just wandered around the field and made few assists..but now things have changed..he scored in all our last 3 games..good for him..hehe

i think that's all..and i really hope that wenger will add someone in the calibre of vermaelen and arshavin as a new DM..we really need him as Song will not be available when he features for cameroon in the african cup of nation..

ok..done for now
thanks for reading
have a nice day!!!

im gunners for life