Saturday, 31 December 2011

kaki kecil mu

saaat ini saat indah
penyeri hidup penuh bersejarah
engkau hadir bagai purnama
terkena sinar hilanglah gundah

biar tidak lagi kulihat
namun si ibu kian marasa
kaki-kaki kecilmu ke sana ke mari
dilihat ibu penuh bahgia

alhamdulillah..isteri saya mengandung
4 bulan telah berlalu
doakan kami


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

im back?

salam wbt..

its been a while..nope..its been a long while since i last updated this blog
its not really about nothing to write or my life is getting boring..never ever.
its just im not the the mood..peh..10 bulan tiada mood

people change, so do i..
life of course getting better after i've married..
more responsibities yet there always sweetness in it..

nowadays it seems that am thoroughly engaged in politics..
bukan nak bertanding,just ive done lots of get some grip..
im not keen to share everything with the other,not yet...
but the way the politics are going right now...its not good..
not good at all...


anyhow..of course the always light at the end of a tunnel..
i'll tell you guys later

till then,