Friday, 23 January 2009

english ku


im english is deteriorating each day this simply because im studying here in egypt..which make me less likely to use
english as much as possible??..dont think so..=)

a friend(indeed a damn good friend) said to me

"din,hang ni byk vocal yg hang tau,tp present berterabur jugak"

yeah i know..i tend to stutter whenever i present something(haha..ape la nak jd aku nih) take care of ur word..cant u advice me in a more motivating manner..

last week..we had a practical class on human right..along with 7 malaysian group,there was also a group consists of nigerians..damn..their english were so good..nigeria tu weiii...malu aahh

enough..enough..from now on..stop complaining..improve urself din..


to all alexandrians..Allah bada sa'a(in nigeria,this means good luck..haha) in our upcoming exams =p


nurul_a said...

don't get down.. you can. GOOD LUCK! :)

Cik Duktur Paan MD said...

din ko buat cmnih ah
word of the day
bg igt balek vocab2 lame tu

tp siyes english mmg truk gile skang
aku rase sgt tah pape

alaa org yg kutuk ko tuh pon same je kot.
chill ah.

aa good luck exam.
jgn tido.
bace buku!

izzat said...

tak pe, nak improve english, ckp sorg2 jah. mcm practise public speaking or debate..

din said...

wohoo..itu dia cik paan dah bg nasihat..mekasih la ya =)

owh izat..che x gheti la nak ckp sorg2 tu...maybe aku dok gelak kat hang kot dulu suka ckp sorg2..kan aku yg glabah skng..adui..haaha

mohamed shafik shahebeldeen said...

hang duk ckp omputih apa din oii...


orhang kulim x paham.. orhang langgaq lg x paham. kui3...

~pulun kedah pulun~

fuqaha said...

din, soooo freakin' true. i always feel that my english gettin' worse each day compared to what we were once in koleq. terrible.


alaaaa yg kwn din ckp berlatih ckp sorg2 tu betol gak..membaca simpn byk vocab berguna especially kalo menulis tp klo xberckp, means xble gune dgn fluently the words..regardless of that, dont feel demotivated.Language if u really try hard to improve it, within 3months u can see the result.but bear in mind these phrase 'if u try hard'..good luck! nice blog btw.