Tuesday, 30 December 2008

stop it

salam wbt..
by the time i wrote this,over 360 palestinians had been killed by the israelis..damn it..nothing i can do except make a prayer to them =(

3 things doc zain said about helping the palestinian..
1.spread the awareness on the issue concerning al Aqsa.
2.donate money to them
3.muqataah(boycott) israel goods.

last night..i had the desire to eat something from Hardess..mkn burger la weh..suddenly..the image of palestinian laying dead on the ground popped up on my mind..it made me really sick..sial israel..then, since Hardess is on of american company,the desire just stop there..alhamdulillah

oh ALLAH..give me strength to neglect all this israel things..since that is the only thing i can do at the moment

din:ni israel serang palestin ni..ramai dah mati
siti mariam:itu lah pasal..sakit ati tol tgk.
din:weh..jom la boycott barang2 israel..
siti mariam:haa.jom2.skng ni dok berusaha memboikot la nih.
"kita xkan mati kalu kite boycott,tp mereka(org2 palestin) akan mati kalu kita x boycott"


Izyani Rosley said...

cm kenal quote merah tu.
tp cmna tah, ada org kata kfc mesir tak boikot?

din said...

hm...mmg familiar pun kan quote tu..

kfc mesir??tatau laa..tp yg msia kalu,bley percaya sket laa

dari g kfc...g pasar..beli ayam besar2..goreng ah sendri..lagi baguih ape..haha

Izyani Rosley said...

nope, just wonder how much we gave 2 them sempena kfc hari usahawan hrtu.