Friday, 4 June 2010

happy in a way


million of thanks to those who make NIGHT OF REFLECTION a success!!!

God bless all of u!! :)

"a long healthy and happy life is the result of making contributions of having meaningful projects that are personally exiting and contribute to and bless the live of others" -Stephen R.Covey


Anonymous said...

cari masa utk diri sendiri.
have one day to treat urself.
have a night to spend with Allah.
seek the peaceful heart and the perfect rest with qiamullail,
insyaAllah..moga dimudahkn

rasa penat tu biase dlm berkerja..
we may need many pit stop in our life. take a rest, but dont stop walking.

robuna yusahil SR

din said...

terima kasih..
i've already change tajuk post ni..
nanti org igt saya down pulak..

anyway tq so much for ur advice
i appreciate that!!