Wednesday, 14 April 2010


din : doc, can i have your presentation??
doc : actually i don't want to give it to you..but this time..its ok (grin)
din :thank you very much doc..
doc : are you sure this thing doesn't have any virus??
din : yes of sure doc..positive

trojan32..bla bla bla
now the doctor is staring at me..somewhat dissapointed face(marah sebenarnya)

doc : you know what..i just formatted this laptop few days ago..and now here it goes all again..

oh My God..what the..

cuak duh

din :(dgn tenangnya) don't worry doc,you do not open any folder your laptop is not going to be me(muka bersalah dah) so sorry..

hmm..aku tension btul la..tak pernah2 pun ada virus..tibe-tibe pulak ada kan..malu gile kot..seb baik la xjadi ape2..dah la penuh org keliling aku..hahaha

and nasib baik jugak la org lain ada thumb drive lain...dgn yakinnya...

"dont worry doc, mine is for sure free of virus"

lol..sabar je lah din..


the Red Dragon said...

lol. dont worry din. it happens. 'to err is human, to forgive devine', they say..

by the way all those presentations and all, do you have specific site of all of it like pediatric's download site:

need to put in Merah Saga blog for easy access

jzkk (hehe)

afifah said...

hari2 disinfect..mmg yakin la :P
btw things happen..takpe2..

hanif hafiz said...

bukan senang nk buat prank ngn doc.

Neo Rantissi said...

Want Kaspersky Internet Security 2010? Can come to me, sure kill punya, hehehe.

din said...

merah naga..ada je..masuk ke


oh cik afifah..mekasih lah ya..haha
will learn from u tho

well biasa la prank2 kalau x dpt ppt..mati aku..haha

aku pakai bit defender ori kot...haha

the Red Dragon said...

the link says
"The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

don't know which one at first, but figured out later that it's not o (letter), its 0 (number zero). thanks for the link