Thursday, 11 March 2010


this was taken form my super senior's blog

These are only facts:

1) Grading system has been changed - A+ (>90), A (80 - 90), A- (70 - 80). So A1 = A and A+, A2 = A- and straight As (A1 & A2) = straight As (A- & A & A+).

2) Results MCKK 2009 - only 21 straight As. Compare that with 43 last year.

3) 214 students managed to get straight A+s in the country (the best results achievable and the true quality students). NONE FROM MCKK.

4) 7,987 scored straights As nationally. By percentage, 21 people out of 7,987 is 0.26%.

5) Compare this with last year. 6,277 people scored straight As nationally, so 43 people out of 6,277 is 0.7%.

6) This means within one year, MCKK's results (in terms of straight As and performance relative to others nationally) plunged by 200%.

This is how Rome was reduced to its knees - by sweeping everything under the carpet and lock yourself in the room of denial, even when Atilla was reaching the gate.

MCKK has been on that road for the past few years. Those who have the power to change, either claim ignorance, denial, shut their ears and (this is my favourite) spinning the story that there is a grand master plan, that a grand strategist is putting the grand master plan in place. Sounds like Nero to me, with his grand music, playing instruments while Rome was burning.

The Class of 2009 achieved one of the best PMR results in the last decade, in 2007.

What did we do to them after 2 years? I think all of us - the teachers, parents, old boys, bystanders - have a hand in seeing them this route. A bit dramatic, but we let things deteriorate as it is.

Welcome to 1MCKK!


Anonymous said...

seems like igop mengatasi mckk.

Orchid Lah said...

ambuih semangat MCKK betui.

din said...

xpe la..rezeki skolah anda =D

hmmm...biasa..syg skolah..owh..saya sungguh xpuas hati dgn admin skng..

Anonymous said...

sy budak koleq class of 09. result spm koleq dz year,3rd last sbp.