Wednesday, 4 March 2009

education anybody???


yay..after 1 month..its finally over..haha..laughing out loud..penat duh.seriously.

education in egypt..serius huh??
(its not pathetic to go to egytian culture class afterall..haha)

1.let me tell is written in the egyptian constitution that all level of education is free,whether primary,secondary or higher education huh?even in is not for free.duit..duit..,if im an egyptian boy,supposedly im goin' to enter the university rite?haha..not that easy enter a medical school here..u need to score 98 and above in the exam which equivalent to SPM(biar btul ko din??mmg la..aku x tipu)..those who studying medicine right me..they are the creme de la creme..

3.egytian student only pay LE500 a year whereas we(malaysian students) pay $8000 a is equivalent to LE40000..up till now,i still dont understand..why on earth..the admin really wants malaysian students to study here..hahaha...cant be more cynical than this..

4.dont you think it's a wise thing to do as to provide free education to your people..yeah..its a very nobel thing to do if you are capable of doing so..the present egyptian government..under the leadership of you know who..they dont have enough recources to do so..

5.there are still many poor people out there..and i frankly think that they should care more about this people rather than giving already rich people free education..

6.egypt got its independence from british in the year 1953 while malaysia declared its independence in 1957. You know who and tun mahathir became the premiere in 1980 and now..tun M has stepped down but you know who is still in power..our economy florishes but theirs not..what a shame..haha

7.malaysian education system is not that least from the economical point of view..they only provide free primary and secondary education..for me..this is a very good move..susah la nak support sume weh..

8.dulu2 my mom always said..din..simpan duit..nanti senang nak masuk universiti..kita bukan org're right.even my mom knows that going into university need lots of money..nothing is free..

9.can we do something about the situation here in egypt??nah..i dont think is the egyption constitution we are talking the presindent..then u can have a say on this..hahaha

tq for reading..have a nice day



Cik Duktur Paan MD said...

why in the world did you address he who must not be named as you know who?

yes, because of their free education, no wonder they really have tonnes of doctors and engineers.

din said...


act..i dont hav the gut to put his name here..lets leave it that way..baru cam dark side sket..haha

yup..way to many..hope they r going to be good doctors