Friday, 28 May 2010

current mood

salam wbt

may all of you are in the blessings of Allah..

lately..i think that i've drown in the sea of depression..really :(
don't worry..of course i can manage myself..hehe

so for the last 2 days or so..i've left medical books aside..and started doing other things..haha

currently im quite into self-development books :)

this book is really marvelous..if men are from mars,women are from venus is the kind of book that u need to read about LOVE( the way i dont even read it...just YET..haha)..this is the book..on how to conquer whoever thinks that he /she worries a lot..have a glance at this book..will you??it does help..

"i dont want to have a lot money..but i want a lot of living"

the other thing that i did was..watching videos..yeah2..just through the youtube..
but of course it's not about football..mind season has ended long ago..
or spending my precious time just to watch some sexy korean girls dancing in a very sycnhronized manner..for those who really watch these kind of hard feeling ok..but all i can say is that it is really a waste of time..

so now im kind of interested in religious type of video
if you still have ample time after reading this post..can you at least click the play button on the video i've embedded below..i can't really describe the talk by the was just awesome..lots of courage..ah..just watch it by yourself.. :)

rite..i think that's it
do pray for me..
making things lot easier these days..hehe :)

thanks for reading

have a nice day!!

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